Liquid Glass Floor For Operating Theatre


Better known as the Rectavia Liquid Glass (Epoxy) Floor, this is by far one of the best flooring systems for an operating theatre because of its zero-moisture content and seamless (no-lines) layout over the entire theatre floor, thus keeping pathogen levels at the barest minimum.

Epoxy Resin Flooring System

Until a few years ago, having a floor space, be it either home or industrial laid with anything but wood, marble, stone, tar or tiles seemed extraordinary. Technological advancements have occurred in every professional field, so why should interior decoration be left out? With the development and widespread use of technology, generic floors have often been substituted by glass floors. Glass floors might not be a preferred choice of flooring for many, thus, resin flooring works as a good in-between solution for those who desire a change but do not wish to settle for glass.

Using resin as a material for flooring is an upcoming trend. Not only is it very versatile but is also extremely long-lasting and safe. It also serves as a viable flooring option for all kinds of industry setups. Resin flooring requires very low maintenance. It is scratch-proof and dust-resistant. Therefore, it is easy to clean.
On the whole, resin flooring is an affordable, aesthetic, customizable, and appealing flooring option for those looking for a change.

Resin floors can be found in three primary forms, namely: PMMA, Polyurethane (PU) and epoxy floors. It is true that all resin flooring systems are higher in hygiene standards and in durability when compared with other flooring systems, but it is advantageous to know the differences between the three forms of resin floors. Choosing the right material can help you tailor the flooring to suit your personal needs depending on their use. It is good to study the differences between polyurethane and epoxy.
Polyurethane flooring is reputed for its impact resistance along with its abrasion and chemical retardant properties. The main advantage of using polyurethane resin flooring is its temperature modulation. It is resistant to high temperatures and direct heat. They can be used for example, in front of an oven in a bakery where the baker would leave his hot trolleys to sit and cool. Polyurethane resin floors can be found in many finishes due to its flexibility, a factor that also helps in its impact absorption. The only factor one should be wary of is the thermoset resin classification that PU foam comes under. This means that PU foam will take a longer time to cure than other forms of resin flooring materials and therefore will have a longer downtime during installation or in case or repairs.

Epoxy floors on other hands can help in a different way. It is widely used in homes as well as by industrialists for factory or warehouse flooring making it the most used industrial resin flooring. The epoxy resin flooring system can be really beneficial at homes. There are several different types of epoxy resin on the market and each comes with its own advantages depending on the type of space they are to be used in. It is also great that epoxy can bind itself very well with concrete, which in turn protects the concrete below it from wear and tear and absorption.
Quality is synonymous with the Resin Flooring System. With the help of professional and experiential expertise, you can get the ideal resin flooring for your space.
Let’s look at some common properties of Resin flooring:
1. Chemical and wear resistant: a lot of chemicals used in industry can be corrosive in nature. If in case, these chemicals come in contact with regular flooring, the damage is inevitable. However, even the most hazardous, abrasive and potent chemicals cause the least damage to resin floors. Resin floors were equipped with a chemical resistant coating and reduce the chances of damage.
2. Moisture vapor control: Moisture is a major cause of damage to flooring. Depending on the moisture content in the room, the experts can help you with determining the solution. Simply coating the floor with a layer of resin can avoid any further damage. However, the thickness of the coating is based on the moisture levels.
3. Food and beverage: Resin flooring is an absolute necessity for areas in which food is produced on an industrial scale. In order to maintain high hygiene, resin flooring is a must. It does not allow any mold or bacteria to thrive on it. In some situations, due to the improper application of the resin coat, microbial growth can occur under the flooring layer.
4. Electrostatic dissipative: In the electronics industry, there is almost a constant use of highly sensitive materials like static charges. However, these can be damaged due to the flooring or wall or ceiling coat. The resin floor coatings consist of electrostatic dissipative (ESD) that prevent highly sensitive materials from being altered.
Epoxy resin floors can also be used to create unimaginable components of interior decoration. As mentioned earlier in the article, epoxy resin floors can highly versatile. They can be used to create 3D flooring and wall murals. You can even opt for something simpler like metallic floors. All epoxy resin floors can be customized to your taste and preference.
The use of epoxy resin flooring for home use is quite practical as their properties can be helpful domestically and from a design point of view. They are in simple words, stylish, durable and practical making this a flooring system that is conducive for day to day life. The first preference for home floorings is mainly because of comfort, as they will be used by families all year round. The good thing about resin flooring systems is that they are soft under the feet and work well on hot and cool surfaces. The added benefit is that they are easy to maintain and clean making it a natural option for use at home.

Resin floors designed for decorating homes are safe for family use, they use non-toxic polymers which means they let out no harmful emissions around the house and totally free of hazardous solvents. Its flexibility also allows architects to find the perfect finish which complements its surroundings, there are many colors to choose from making it perfect to use at home.


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