Established in 2019 for the recycling of wood and coconut waste products into briquettes, and also as an export firm for raw and semi-processed agricultural produce, Rectavia Ltd has expanded into the fabrication / manufacture of hospital equipment and furniture; a venture driven by the burden of an obvious lack of readily available hospital and medical equipment in Nigeria in particular and in Africa as a whole. The most recent global pandemic revealed the chasm in our healthcare delivery system between “need and availability” of the most basic hospital equipment required to save life. From Hospital Beds to Patient Trolleys and from simple Drug Carts to the more complex Operating Theatre Scrub Sinks, every single hospital equipment has always been imported from other Non-African countries, or we never have them.
At a time the global pandemic created so much hospitalizations around the world, exposing Africa’s evident vulnerability, Rectavia Ltd. rose to the challenge to bridge this gap. Hence our new range of hospital and post-mortem equipment.
It is our vision at Rectavia Ltd. to make basic hospital and post-mortem equipment easily available here in Nigeria, the Sub-saharan Africa, and the entire African continent as a whole.

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